It Will Hurt For A While But in the End You’ll be OK (2nd ed.)

Julia Mroczek 


5 x 5.5 x 0.375 in.

150 pages

Design by Tetyana Herych

Cover screen printed by Tetyana Herych and Julia Mroczek

Interior B+W inkjet print in Toronto

Perfect bound (by hand)

Launched with Schodnya 2018 at Empire Espresso on December 12, 2017

Julia Mroczek’s debut book of poems, It Will Hurt For A While But In The End You’ll Be OK was first launched as an edition of 24 at the Furrawn Press Residency Shed in June 2017.The collection of internet poetry brings together banter about love in the digital age. Julia is influenced by Twitter users such as Darcie Wilder, horse ebooks, and dril, using the absurdist shortform style to illustrate the most intimate matters of the heart. The second edition includes 15 new poems about the everyday sentiments which we can only hope to convey through emoji.