Gateway: Ghost Boards of Detroit

Danya Ensing


5.5 x 7.5 x 0.156 in.

24 pages (3 colour screen prints)

All photographs taken by Danya Ensing

Exterior design and letterpress printing by Danya Ensing in Detroit MI. 

Interior design and screen printing by Tetyana Herych in Toronto, ON.

Perfect binding (by hand).

Paper made in U.S.A.

Launched during the 2017 Detroit Art Book Fair at Signal Return on October 14, 2017

GATEWAY is an investigative photo research project, charting specific billboards around Detroit. These are photographs of trash and litter, semi-abandoned sites that are socially forgotten, ecologically decaying, and no longer economically profitable. These are photographs of resilient small businesses and communities, using the resources available when large industry leaves. These are photographs of potential, places-in-waiting for reinvention and reconsideration through new, creative uses.

Danya Ensing is an emerging Canadian artist based in Detroit, Michigan. She holds a BFA in Photography from OCAD University in Toronto. Danya’s artistic practise is shaped by her extensive knowledge of film and darkroom techniques. Her work references personal narratives, examining her ontological relationship with home, environment, and landscape. She is a member of the international artist collective 23kg50lb and a fellow of Facing Change: Documenting Detroit. Her work has been exhibited internationally.