Farewell Manly Strength: Masculinity and the Politics of Emotion

Nicolas Field


4 x 6 x 0.3125 in.

Perfect Bound (by hand)

Design and cover screenprinting by Tetyana Herych

Interior: B+W inkjet, 134 pages

Part history book, part gender theory and part cultural criticism, “Farewell Manly Strength: Masculinity and the Politics of Emotion” points to the relationship between post-truth politics and gender. Exploring the significant import of emotion in the maintenance of entrenched structures of power, Field reveals "crisis masculinity" and gaslighting to be integral aspects of the dominating culture.

Nicolas Field is a musician and writer. They received their MA in Social Justice Education at University of Toronto in 2017, and their BA (Hon) in English at Mount Royal University in 2015. 

Nicolas currently creates electronic music and DJs under the moniker INNER TOUCH, and is part of Toronto bands such as CHRIS and DIGEST. 

INNER TOUCH - https://soundcloud.com/user-878475155

CHRIS - https://chrisrock.bandcamp.com/

DIGEST - https://digest-hc.bandcamp.com/releases

Launch event at Pushmi Pullyu Gallery, on March 22, 2018