Books I haven’t Gotten Around to Writing Yet

Jessica Baldanza


5 x 7.5 x 0.0625 in.

18 pages

Laser print colour in Toronto

Saddle stitch (staples)

“A testament to the near inevitable disillusionment experienced post institutionalized arts education, Books I haven’t Gotten Around to Writing Yet is procrastination incarnate. A series of photos and titles for imagined novels and how-to-guides that serve to illustrate the anxieties, banalities and disappointments of everyday life, particularly in a creative field. One may find this the perfect pocket companion for an untimely suicide motivated by the time you missed the deadline for that residency application or maybe when you waved at a gallerist at an opening only to realize she wasn’t looking at you ;^).” - Jessica

Originally Launched at Furrawn Press Residency Shed during Toronto Art Book Week, June 2017