Baby Knowledge

Emerson Maxwell


9.75 x 16 x 0.03125 in.

Drawn and Designed by Emerson Maxwell

Screen printed by Tetyana Herych and Emerson Maxwell 

Saddle stitch (staples)

Comes with a mini screen printed “Learning is Crucial” Poster. 

“A comic illustrating the ways we learn new things using our bodies. Baby knowledge is putting things in your mouth, rolling around, eating grass off the lawn, touching things that are too hot, lighting the carpet on fire with the BBQ lighter to see what happens. It is an anti-institutional way of getting knowledge in that it uses your body and intuition more so than yr mind. We v rarely consider our bodies, I want to depict physical knowledge. It’s also gonna be funny tho. I’m interested in making an intensely multimedia comic: Introducing found images, clip art, large blocks of texts, digital drawings overlapping hand drawings. Then seeing that content flattened through a screen print.” - Emerson

Launched at Furrawn Press Residency Shed during Toronto Art Book Week, June 2017